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Marketing Automation

Customized Marketing Programs
Metric Driven – Results Focused – ROI Proven

Comprehensive Marketing Methodology

Today, marketing is often about building relationships and trust. The main idea here is to demonstrate that your company or product can truly solve a problem or provide valuable information for a potential client. The process of gaining this trust is known as Marketing Automation. The most effective method for building relationships at scale is with automation. Marketing Automation includes:

Inbound Marketing - Eyemagine Content Marketing - Eyemagine Outbound Marketing - Eyemagine Automated Marketing - Eyemagine Account Based Marketing - Eyemagine Influencer Marketing - Eyemagine On Page and Performance SEO - Eyemagine

EYEMAGINE's comprehensive marketing strategy

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

The reality is that all of these methodologies have merit. To be effective in today’s digital world, you need a comprehensive marketing methodology to get results. More often than not, that means combining the above strategies to create a larger, all-encompassing marketing effort.

EYEMAGINE is a full-service marketing agency that does exactly that, bringing together all of the elements that are needed to capture the attention of targeted personas and engage them to become customers.

How Does EYEMAGINE Commerce Process Work

After a comprehensive discovery and assessment process, the EYEMAGINE team creates your marketing blueprint. This will embody whatever marketing methodologies our strategic buyer’s insight evaluation identifies as most effective choices.

Once engaged, we allow the metrics to drive the direction of the marketing strategy. Each month, we capture and analyze over 6 pages of key performance indicators to identify trends and show A/B testing performance.  We are completely transparent with the results, sharing our color-coded scorecard with our clients as we go.

By allowing the quantitative and qualitative metrics to drive the marketing program, we know that we are always delivering the services that will produce the highest ROI.

Marketing Scorecard for KPIs– EYEMAGINE

Successful Inbound Marketing Campaigns and Clients

EYEMAGINE helped us get the "why" of our products out to the world by planning and executing an inbound marketing strategy. Their entire team was proactive, attentive to our needs and a pleasure to partner with.
Anthony D'Addeo, CEO


eCommerce Marketing Automation
Marketing automation is a system of workflows that 
automatically communicate with your 
leads and customers to generate revenue 24/7.