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The Holy Grail of Marketing: C-Suite
The Holy Grail of Marketing C-Suite

The Holy Grail of Marketing: C-Suite

  • 53 pages of authoritative and actionable strategy
  • How to market to decision makers using digital and inbound marketing
  • Precision marketing, targeting at the right pain points and generating qualified leads
  • True ROI

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EYEMAGINE Director of Strategy - Bill Arnold

Bill Arnold

Director of Strategy

About the Author

As Director of Strategy for EYEMAGINE, Bill develops marketing strategies that achieve tangible results and definitive ROIs. Bill believes that every marketing initiative should initially be based on qualitative or quantitative information derived from a comprehensive discovery and assessment program and adjusted as monthly KPI metrics dictate. Bill has both a MS Degree in Internet Marketing and a Juris Doctor degree. His experience spans a wide range of disciplines including: SEO, UX Design, Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Demand and Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, Earned Media, Influencer Marketing, Account Based Marketing, and Growth Hacking.

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