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Full-Service eCommerce Support

A Unified Approach

EYEMAGINE’s discovery and assessment process will make you confident that you have selected the right platform to meet your needs today and your growth tomorrow. However, choosing the right platform to build your eCommerce business is just the first step. The second step is to ensure that your eCommerce platform is optimized for user experience, SEO and conversions. We will build that optimized site and ensure that it both resonates with your targeted customers and provides them with a clean, direct path to making a purchase. 

Once your site goes live, you will need an eCommerce success team that will drive potential customers to your site.  EYEMAGINE is the nation’s premier full-service eCommerce marketing agency that will partner with you to achieve success.

Our Route To Success

Demand Generation

The success of any eCommerce site is dependent on getting the right people to your site. EYEMAGINE's Marketing team can help deliver the right eyes to your website at the right time.

Comprehensive Site Audit

There are many things that can hamper the performance of your website. EYEMAGINE will identify, track, and optimize those elements to ensure that your sales are not affected.

Abandoned Cart Strategy

Retailers lose 18 billion dollars each year due to abandoned carts. There are many strategies that can help minimize those lost opportunities. EYEMAGINE will employ these best practices to help you avoid the abandoned cart phenomena and re-engage the customers you have lost.

Mobile Development

EYEMAGINE designs and develops mobile responsive sites, running quality assurance (QA) tests across all devices to ensure full-site optimization and functionality.


Our team of experts can skillfully integrate additional software application APIs to connect eCommerce platforms with other best-in-breed software platforms, enabling scale and full optimization.

Bug Fixes

Our managed services team performs comprehensive site audits and bug fixes to ensure that out clients' sites are fully-functional and high-performing.

Cross-Platform Integration

We pride ourselves on our cross-platform and systems integration capabilities. Our team has a long track record of success with both custom integration development and off-the-shelf connectors.

Optimization Strategies

EYEMAGINE uses data and analytics to optimize user experience and eCommerce sites.

Successful eCommerce Design and Development

We’ve had a great experience with EYEMAGINE. I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. Our website is our business and I looked into several different competitors when making this huge decision. EYEMAGINE was clearly a cut above the competition. Not just in price, but also with integrity and clarity.
Ashley Reyes-Cairo, BRAVEN

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