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EYEMAGINE is your Full-Service Marketing Partner for rCommerce and eCommerce


EYEMAGINE has unparalleled experience and well-defined processes to create marketing programs that attract targeted personas and convert them to engaged customers. We have strategic expertise in website optimization, relationship marketing, and sales enablement services. Our strategies are proven to bring both rCommerce and eCommerce success.

Every EYEMAGINE engagement begins with a strategic discovery and assessment process to enable us to understand the nuances of your business and what it will take to become a true partner in your success.

Discovery & Assessment Process

EYEMAGINE’s discovery and assessment process(license) is a comprehensive analysis of your current website, competitive market, industry, and a buyer persona profile derived from interviews of company stakeholders, customers and lost opportunities. This is done from both a marketing and business analyst’s perspective so we can recommend strategies based on quantitative and qualitative facts that will help you effectively achieve your business goals.

Our team is comprised of proven strategists, award-winning UI/UX designers, technical marketers, certified developers and experienced project managers who keep everything organized and done on schedule. With EYEMAGINE as a partner you will achieve the most effective platform, marketing and design solutions to achieve your goals, increase your market and grow your sales.

EYEMAGINE’s Approach

  • Discovery & Assessment using real data, analytics and analysis to identify business growth opportunities
  • Strategic Buyers Insight Evaluation
  • We reduce your technology overhead
  • Increase your Sales and Profitability
  • Metric and Result Driven Performance that is shared each month