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Sales Enablement

Success only happens when there is a sale


Optimized Strategy

The role of marketing agencies has changed. It is no longer enough to generate bottom-of-the-funnel leads and suggest that the job is done.  Instead, full-service marketing agencies have to implement various strategies throughout the buyer’s journey in order to generate sales for our clients and help them retain customers.

In order for this to happen effectively, a company’s marketing and sales teams should be in constant contact, working together to ensure that the best leads are always getting the information that they are looking for and converting. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.


Sales Enablement Process
Our effective sales enablement process

We have developed several programs to ensure that sales and marketing teams remain aligned. That way, once a customer is obtained, they stay with the company for a long time.

It All Starts With Alignment

We will help establish engagement and collateral recommendations that will allow your sales department to achieve optimal results when contacting prospective clients. This will include: 

  • Mutually agreed upon goals and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Mutually accepted criteria and thresholds for marketing qualified leads (MQLs), sales qualified leads (SQLs), sales accepted leads (SALs), opportunities and customers
  • Mutually accepted processes for lead management and notification 
  • Regular monitoring and shared reporting of goals and KPIs 
  • Regular inter-team discussion of activities, challenges and solutions
  • Cross-training on sales and marketing tools 
  • Regular updates on best practices and new approaches 

Inbound Sales

Sometimes, the pipeline does not have enough leads to allow your sales team to be successful. To solve this problem, you have to provide your sales team with strategies to implement an inbound sales program.  EYEMAGINE will provide the training and tools necessary for this to happen. That way, your sales team will be able to identify and connect with the most likely prospects who are ready to talk to them.

Your sales team will be delighted at the reception they receive and the sales they secure.

Client Nurturing

As the age-old saying goes, you do business with people you trust. As trust increases, commitment tends to grow. We have developed a relationship marketing strategy that builds this trust and client relationships.  Through our ongoing client-based nurturing program, the EYEMAGINE team shares strategies and information that will help you establish yourself among your clients as a trusted business advisor.  This entails a monthly email marketing campaign in which you can inform clients of recent news, articles and other information that will be valuable to them.

EYEMAGINE will also develop and promote quarterly client-only webinars that bring third party guests and influencers that are respected by the client community. The client will share the podium as co-presenters.

When customers are consistently given valuable information, this fosters trust and loyalty that are essential to any online business.

Client Retention

Client Retention

Client retention is an incredibly important part of growing a sustainable business.

Harvard Business School study determined that increasing customer retention by 5% increases profits 25-95%.

Of course, companies that focus solely on new customer acquisition can still grow. However, the cost of client acquisition will impact the company’s profitability. If you want to recuperate all of the marketing investment that it takes to get those new customers, you have to make sure that they stick around and become repeat customers.

Our anticipatory service is a proactive approach to customer service. Rather than waiting for problems to arise, we work to eliminate them before they ever happen.

To accomplish this, we work to identify and address industry-specific problems currently facing clients. Why? To achieve customer retention, businesses must establish a dialogue with customers that shows an awareness of their needs and a respect for their communication preferences. They need to understand their customers’ pain points, concerns, and interests.

To ensure that you are exceeding client expectations, EYEMAGINE begins by taking their pulse through a process of surveys and interviews. That way, we can identify a potential problem (or an opportunity) long before it becomes a client-losing event.

Becoming your customers’ trusted advisor probably earned you the initial business. Remaining their trusted advisor will build customer loyalty and reduce customer churn. By becoming a trusted source on all technology, you will compel your customers to trust you, rely on you for the best advice, and recognize you as an integral part of their business success.

Introduction To eCommerce Marketing Automation

eCommerce Marketing Automation
Marketing automation is a system of workflows that 
automatically communicate with your 
leads and customers to generate revenue 24/7.