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eCommerce Marketing by EYEMAGINE
eCommerce Marketing

Amplify Your Business - Guarantee Success

The Importance of
eCommerce Marketing

EYEMAGINE is the industry leader in eCommerce, implementing innovative marketing and sales programs that will drive targeted traffic to your site, compel your customers to purchase and repurchase, and turn them into influencers and advocates of your brand.

In the U.S. alone, online sales will reach 523 billion dollars. Worldwide we are already at 1.6 TRILLION dollars and growing at a rate of 20.9%.

With over 12 million online stores, businesses need to be increasingly strategic if they want to capture their share of the eCommerce market. While many of the same marketing elements used for rCommerce apply here, eCommerce requires an additional sense of immediacy that is not found elsewhere. eCommerce stores also have unique challenges when it comes to managing their social reputation: a single misstep can create untold damage.

Increasing Lifetime Value

eCommerce Marketing Increasing Customers' Life Time Value

EYEMAGINE’s eCommerce marketing program doesn’t just bring in one-time sales - it increases your revenue and ROI by nurturing your customers and turning them into lifelong brand evangelists. How? We start by creating a fully optimized, functional website on the platform of your choice. Once the site is live, we consistently create expertly targeted, segmented content for your entire online presence. This speaks to your customers’ pain points, addresses their interests, and eventually molds them into loyal, lifelong customers.

Components of eCommerce Marketing

Discovery & Assessment

We begin each engagement with a comprehensive Discovery & Assessment process that will determine the elements of the marketing engagement. Every aspect of the marketing program is driven by qualitative or quantitative information we obtained in the initial evaluation or through a detailed review of pre-cursor Key Performance Indicators.

On-Page SEO

Our marketing specialists ensure that all of your web pages are optimized for search engines (particularly Google).

Demand Generation

Getting new targeted personas to your online store is critical.  EYEMAGINE implements a series of methodologies that will deliver the right traffic to your website.  We have a metric-driven approach that analyzes traffic and sales in real time in order to ensure that our efforts produce the targeted website traffic you need.

Contextualized Storytelling Across Platforms

Each buyer persona needs to see the information that is most compelling and interesting to them across all platforms (website, emails, social). We create personalized, segmented content that shows them what they need to see to trust your company and purchase from your online store.

Managing the Marketplace

It is important to choose the right marketplace to manage your online sales.  EYEMAGINE has comprehensive strategies for optimizing the sales on Amazon, Google and other third-party stores.

Social Engagement Strategies

For eCommerce sites, social listening and engagement is critical: online buyers want to know you're listening and that they are important.  EYEMAGINE implements our “We Listen” social media program so that they feel just that. This program not only interacts with clients but also converts them to influencers and advocates.

Influencer Marketing

Today, more people are basing their online purchasing decisions on outside recommendations, trusting their friends and network, and ignoring paid advertisers. EYEMAGINE will use earned media and influence marketing programs to identify and shepherd influencers with a large social reach to become brand ambassadors.

Loyalty and Gamification Programs

Online stores need to capture the loyalty of customers so that they become repeat purchasers and brand ambassadors.  EYEMAGINE will implement and run both loyalty and gamification programs to ensure that buyers remain long-term, loyal advocates.

Performance SEO

Our blogging and earned media program will ensure that search engines send high-quality, targeted traffic to our clients’ online stores.

Lead Generation/Nurturing/Retargeting

Once a web visitor becomes a lead or a buyer, you have to foster and nurture that relationship. EYEMAGINE will implement programs to ensure that website visitors become future customers and that customers become repeat customers and ambassadors.

We’ve had a great experience with EYEMAGINE. I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. Our website is our business and I looked into several different competitors when making this huge decision. EYEMAGINE was clearly a cut above the competition. Not just in price, but also with integrity and clarity.
Ashley Reyes-Cairo, BRAVEN

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