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Account Based Marketing by EYEMAGINE
Account Based Marketing

Hyper-Personalized | Hyper-Successful

Account based marketing is a hyper-personalized marketing strategy that focuses your marketing and sales efforts on a limited number of potential accounts. The purpose here is to target accounts whose final sale will have the greatest possible financial rewards. 

What is Account Based Marketing?

There are many definitions for account based marketing (ABM), and many marketing automation companies will insist that it is a technology. However, ABM is more of a philosophy for how you are going to engage targeted companies.

It includes the same elements of the comprehensive marketing plan: inbound marketing, content marketing, earned media, and outbound marketing. The difference between ABM and comprehensive marketing, is the size of the net that you’re casting and the degree of personalization that you use.

Process for Account Based Marketing


An ABM program identifies all the relevant players in a company and sets forth a strategy for engaging each one. It is a collaborative effort that brings sales and marketing together to create emotional and intellectual touch points with each key persona in the targeted company.

Don't wait for customers to come to you. With account based marketing, you reach out to the right people at the right account in a way that resonates with them.

Account Based Marketing Out Performs Other Investments

What are the benefits of Account Based Marketing?

Larger deal sizes

Faster deal cycles

Better win rates


eCommerce Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a system of workflows that
automatically communicate with your 
leads and customers to generate revenue 24/7.



Customized Marketing Programs
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