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Foundational Assessment by EYEMAGINE
Foundational Assessment

Build a marketing program with certainty 


EYEMAGINE's Foundational Assessment Program takes the uncertainty out of your marketing engagement. After we analyze your business, we develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that will define the exact elements of your marketing plan, the investment needed, the ROI expected and the time table in which it will be obtained.


Marketing Results With Certainty 

It is unheard of for any marketing agency to be able to state with certainty what you should expect from their marketing efforts. However, EYEMAGINE is not just any marketing agency. We have developed a unique Strategic Foundational Assessment Program that gives our team the insights they need to develop an accurate, results-driven marketing plan. That way, clients know exactly what they should expect from an EYEMAGINE engagement. 

Our Commitment to You

We live in an uncertain world where all we want is for someone to stand behind their work. EYEMAGINE's exclusive Foundational Assessment Process can take that uncertainty out of the equation. 

How is that possible?

It starts by engaging EYEMAGINE to conduct a Foundational Assessment Program.  This is a 60-day deep dive into your business, industry, competitive positioning, and marketplace. Upon the conclusion of that analysis, EYEMAGINE will present a comprehensive marketing plan. This will define the exact elements of our marketing plan, the investment needed, the ROI expected and the time table in which it will be obtained.

Our Foundational Assessment Program

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