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NIS America Honors Fans with New Responsive Magento Site

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Irvine, CA- November 19, 2014 – Innovative Japanese video game provider, NIS America partners with leading transformative ecommerce agency EYEMAGINE to honor fans with a modern fully responsive shopping experience powered by Magento and NetSuite.

The Challenge

NIS America began their ecommerce journey with the X-cart platform, after outgrowing X-cart NIS America began utilizing the eCommerce features of their NetSuite ERP system. As their audience and offerings expanded, NIS America found that while NetSuite was a fantastic ERP system, it was not as flexible on the eCommerce front end as they required. The team at NIS began searching for other options that would better enable them to connect with their core audience, increase their average order volume, conversions, and traffic.

In order to achieve their online business goals and create a remarkable shopping experience that would honor their fans, NIS America set out to achieve the following goals:

  • Empower fans to share their opinions with product reviews
  • Enable the fan community to interact and share socially across all platforms
  • Expanded their product display features, imagery, and rich media to offer a more immersive shopping experience for their fans
  • Custom shopping cart and my account pages for fans to monitor their pre-orders and order history

NIS America began their due diligence and evaluated several ecommerce platform options after realizing NetSuite was no longer an ideal solution for their business needs, including Shopify and Magento. A trusted colleague later recommended Magento to NIS America based on their previous positive experience with the platform and knowing the ambitious goals of the NIS America team. Having a strong tendency for the Magento platform, the next step was to find a trusted partner with a proven track record and the necessary expertise to shepherd them through their NetSuite ERP integration, responsive redesign, and platform migration.

NIS America Responsive Magento Site
NIS America Responsive Magento Site


The Approach

When NIS America began evaluating the Magento partner landscape, they initially considered 4 different ecommerce agencies. NIS America took their time and conducted their due diligence very carefully. They knew they would prefer to work with a local Southern California company that would deliver a compelling modern responsive design yet also have the technical expertise to get their Magento store front integrated seamlessly with their NetSuite ERP system. After having several in depth conversations around their business goals and objectives for project success, checking references, reviewing portfolios, and considering proposals, NIS America made the decision to select EYEMAGINE as their trusted partner for this mission critical redesign and NetSuite Magento systems integration. When asked, the NIS America team stated that EYEMAGINE was the best fit in terms of understanding their issues, and EYEMAGINE’s portfolio and design expertise was above and beyond what they had seen from other agencies they were considering.

The Project

EYEMAGINE kicked off the project with an initial strategy and technical requirements document to ensure all stakeholders were aligned on the purpose of the site. Once a direction had been established, EYEMAGINE’s design team worked together closely with EYEMAGINE’s certified Magento development team to create a custom responsive framework that would be well suited to honor the fans and increase conversion rates across all modern devices. After the design was created and agreed upon, EYEMAGINE’s development team configured Magento to the specifications of NIS America. EYEMAGINE successfully developed unique modules and integrated Magento with NIS America’s NetSuite ERP system. Some of the custom features for NIS America include:

  • NetSuite ERP API Integration
  • Bold, Modern, Custom Responsive Design
  • Product Quick View
  • Color Swatch Extension to enable enhanced interaction for apparel purchases
  • Stock Meter to alert customers of exclusive pre-orders and inventory updates
  • Fraud Verification to prevent shrink and ensure quality
  • Requirements for Pre-order Items

NIS America is now equipped to provide a remarkable experience that honors the passion and commitment of their fans while simultaneously achieving their business goals. NIS America’s new responsive site will allow customers to access their brand from any modern device and pre-order highly-anticipated limited edition collector’s items. When asked about their experience working with EYEMAGINE, NIS America responded,

“The project management team has done a great job of making sure our needs are met.”

New Responsive Magento Site
The New NIS America Responsive Magento Site

Next Steps

NIS America is excited for their new responsive custom Magento store that will enhance the shopping experience for both enthusiast fans and casual shoppers alike. NIS America’s looks forward to future growth and continuous improvement with EYEMAGINE. You can pre-order your favorite exclusive games and videos at the new NIS America store now: store.nisamerica.com


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