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U.S. Marine Specialties Retailer Enlists in eCommerce Maintenance Services

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Irvine, CA - Sgt. Grit, an online retailer specializing in clothing and novelties for Marines joined forces with EYEMAGINE, a U.S.-based ecommerce agency in Orange County, California. After inhering www.grunt.com, a Magento store that was 'FUBAR,' EYEMAGINE modified, repaired, and upgraded it for the modern marketplace.

Sgt. Grit Magento EYEMAGINE The Challenge 

After a failed engagement with a previous development agency, Sgt. Grit came to EYEMAGINE with a broken Magento implementation in need of repair. The core of Sgt. Grit's Magento platform source code had been altered, resulting in an non-functional ecommerce store. Upgrading to the latest version of Magento was entirely prohibited due to the unstable state that the Magento platform had been altered to.

The Solution

EYEMAGINE Managed Services, our monthly ecommerce maintenance services, set Sgt. Grit on the road to recovery. EYEMAGINE reworked the core code, fixed bugs, and enabled the site to handle seamless upgrades to the latest version of Magento Enterprise Edition. www.grunt.com can now be upgraded easily to enhance the shopping experience for Sgt. Grit consumers and achieve the results the company strives for.

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What Did They Get Out of Managed Services?

When you sign up for Managed Services, you will receive ecommerce maintenance solutions that include:

  • Ongoing Website Maintenance
  • New Features and Enhancements
  • Application Support
  • Content and Product Updates
  • Software Upgrades and Bug Fixes
  • Technical Support - emergency fixes
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Hosting Configuration and Optimization
  • System Administration and Optimization
  • Training: Videos on Customer Segmentation marketing strategies in enterprise

Additional maintenance services were added to include:

  • Abandoned cart module
  • One-step checkout
  • Custom options and features
  • Netsuite integration
  • Multiple page redesigns
  • Site optimization for increased page load times
  • Set up 2nd web server that’s load balanced

Sgt. Grit Magento upgrade The Results

After just a few months of being in the Managed Services program, Sgt. Grit was upgraded to a whole new ecommerce experience. The marketplace was successfully upgraded to the latest version of Magento Enterprise Edition, over 45,000 products were migrated to the platform, and the application support resulted in increased orders. 

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A Responsive Future

Now that EYEMAGINE has fined tuned elements of Sgt. Grit's ecommerce user experience, the companies are moving towards revamping Sgt. Grit’s entire user interface. Sgt. Grit is ready to adopt responsive web design to further enhance the shopping experience for consumers who are accessing the site through mobile or tablet devices.

The popularity of shopping through mobile and tablet devices is increasing rapidly, nearly doubling year-over-year. Consumers are no longer limited to shopping through a desktop computer as new platforms become available, making it imperative for ecommerce businesses to adapt.

A responsive ecommerce store has a higher search engine rank, eliminates the need of a separate mobile site, and creates an enjoyable experience for online shoppers as they comfortably see the content displayed on your site. Responsive design takes the finer points of user experience, such as positioning a site to a user’s fingertips, to capture visitors and increase conversions.

We are looking forward to the continued success that Sgt. Grit will experience as it adopts responsive web design. We are proud to call itself a long-term partner with Sgt. Grit, an American company with deep roots in the Marine Corps community.

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About Sgt. Grit

Sgt. Grit caters to the grand community of Marines. It strives to become the primary source to supply Marines with each item carefully made with them in mind. It's online forums create a place for Marines to share their experiences and connect with others, while maintaining traditions of brotherhood. Sgt. Grit supports several Marine Corps organizations through customer donations. A complete list of organizations they support may be accessed here.


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