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Secure and Easy Mobile Payments on Your Online Store


Day-by-day, mobile device traffic to your online store is increasing. A simple Google search for the number of mobile devices browsing the Internet, customers using mobile devices to shop online, and mobile conversion rates will show how dramatic the trend is becoming.

Online merchants are advised to create Responsive Online Stores and mobile apps to capture the mobile visitors and allow them to easily browse and buy from their mobile devices.

Unfortunately, mobile conversion rates are quite low.

There are many challenges for mobile customers when starting a long checkout process on a small device. As much as we pride ourselves on our typing skills, typing a lot of information directly into a mobile phone's touchscreen keypad is time-consuming, error-prone, and frustrating. It is so error-prone that Apple's iPhone devices come with a default footer message, insinuating a request for forgiveness for typos caused by a small keyboard.

Wouldn't it be great if your online store could offer quick, easy, and secure checkout to your mobile shoppers?

Jack Bicer, the "Father of Uninstall" (seriously, the guy invented uninstall and you can read about it here), created a solution to make checkout from a mobile device secure, error-free, and quick.

It's hard to believe, so just watch it for yourself...


Did you notice how the numeric keypad rearranges the numbers to protect you from snooping eyes?

secure numeric keypad

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