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5 Benefits of a Magento & HubSpot Integration

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Magento and Hubspot Integration

5 Ways a Magento and HubSpot Integration Will Benefit Your eCommerce Site 

What happens currently if a customer comes to your site but is not yet ready to buy?  What do you have to offer them?

Many of our eCommerce merchant partners have found that they have very little to engage a potential buyer with.  More often than not, they rely on discounting and free shipping offers which are rapidly becoming the new normal, rather than a special limited time offer or deal.  

We have found that having equal parts content, community, and commerce will enable you to form a deeper connection with those potential buyers that are not quite ready to part with their hard earned dollars.  In this post we will begin to touch upon some tactics you can incorporate into your online marketing and eCommerce strategy to begin engaging with your current and future customers in a much more meaningful way.

1. Reclaim Abandoned Carts and Nudge Customers Into Action

Why do customers abandon carts?

Many reasons, too many to list here.  The reality is it happens.  No one wants to feel abandoned, not even your online shopping cart.  Here’s what you can do about it.  By connecting HubSpot to Magento using EYEMAGINE’s HubSpot Integration you can enable workflows to be triggered from your HubSpot portal that will dynamically insert images of the product your customer almost bought, you can then determine the frequency and timing of these emails and how they look and sound, in order to resonate more effectively with your buyers. You will be able to give them that friendly reminder and gently nudge to see through their buying journey to completion.  


It has been statistically proven, that when customers come back for a cart they abandoned, they often spend more than they initially would have pre-abandon.  What drives this behavior? Perhaps it’s guilt over almost leaving that cart all alone and forgotten. Good thing you reminded them.      

2.  Upsell While Deepening Your Connection to Your Beloved Customers

What is more costly?  To acquire a new customer or to upsell an existing customer?

That question is admittedly rhetorical in nature, you already know the answer don’t you?  Then why do most merchants focus more on costly new customer acquisition and take for granted that customers than purchase from them will come back and buy again on their own accord without any marketing or nurturing.  Seems almost irresponsible doesn’t it?  

Why not go deep and form more meaningful relationships with the humans that share their hard earned dollars with you?  We would strongly advocate a focus on Total Lifetime Customer Value or TLCV the value of a customer over an extended time horizon, rather than a one time purchase.  Loyal customers are literally the lifeblood of your business.  They are the ones telling their friends and family about your excellent quality, your fair prices, and your ethical business practices.  Why ignore them or shove them to the side?  You would do this at your own detriment.  These customers are pre-qualified, they trust you! They have given you their money, and their time.  They are your beloved, they are your reason for existing.  Time to show them how much you care.

Fortunately, they don’t need as much attention as you might believe, but they do need something more than the occasional mass email with a 10% off coupon.  When you leverage the HubSpot Magento integration and begin segmenting your customer lists based on their purchase history, you can begin making meaningful recommendations to your customers that will result in above average conversion rates and deeper more meaningful customer relationships that stand the test of time.  

You can even elevate your most loyal repeat customers into an elite VIP program, offering them unique limited edition products, early access, invite only private sales, special promotions, or even a sincere thank you for their patronage.  Just ask yourself how it would make you feel if a company you purchased from regularly, actually seemed to care about you?     

3.  Turn Data Into Dollars

Big data is a Big Deal. Right?

So as an online merchant that’s not Amazon, what does this mean to you really? Here’s what many merchants are discovering.  

The more we know about our customers, the better we can serve them.  

The better suggestions we can make to them, the more accurate those suggestions will be and they will be more likely to purchase from us with increased frequency and commitment.  

When you combine HubSpot and Magento together effectively using EYEMAGINE’s HubSpot Integration, all of your Magento data will be passed from Magento into your HubSpot contact record including historical data for past customers, making it possible to create segmented lists based on specific products.  

Of course there is even more data that will flow into your contact record, which you will see once you complete the integration for yourself.  The use cases that are possible are limited only by your imagination.   Are you familiar with the expression “the data doesn’t lie?”  Well let’s assume that to be true for this situation, what could you learn about your business from reviewing this information?  What assumptions about your business, your products, or your market would be corrected? What campaigns would you run?  What reports would you review?  What automated workflows would be triggered for up-sell, cross-sell, pre-purchase nurturing? post -purchase reengagement?magento and hubspot integration

4.  Turn Your Funnel Into a Megaphone by Influencing the Influencers

Social proof is a big deal.

Let’s face it, people want to belong.  They desperately seek acceptance in their “micro-communities” their digital cliques.  More so than ever before individual behavior is being influenced, validated, or otherwise impacted by social media interaction.  If you didn’t post it or share it, it might as well not even have happened.  If your post, share or photo wasn’t liked enough, a pang of desperation and temporary depression washes over you, until you are revalidated externally by the next post or share accepted and elevated by your carefully curated digital clique.

Understanding the online social landscape and the sociological and psychological drivers behind the behavior is a topic to be explored further in a different post for a different day.

What’s important to note is that it exists, and it is powerful.  Like a double edged sword it can work for you or against you.  How do you use the power of leverage and tip the scales in your favor?  How do you pinpoint the “mavens” the influencers the tastemakers? The trend setters? The cool kids?  In Malcolm Gladwell’s book the Tipping Point, the author explores how trends catch begin, how a spark becomes a flame, then a roaring blaze.  In order for this to happen to your business, you need to “borrow” your customers social networks and empower them to drive their followers back to you.  

By integrating Magento with HubSpot effectively using EYEMAGINE’s HubSpot Integration, you will be able to literally see which of your customers have the largest amount of followers.  You can then form lists of these individuals and segment them based on geography, social reach, buying history, and more.  You can then provide them incentives or offers that are so compelling they absolutely have to share them with their followers. If you can pull this off effectively, the impact will be significant for your business.  You will effectively create an upswell of seemingly organic, naturally occurring digital word of mouth, lead by the popular kids that influence the minds and behavior of their loyal followers every single moment of every single day.


5. Content, Community, Commerce  

Inbound Commerce is the future of online business.

What does that mean?  Why do you think about that?

Obvious questions for anyone to ask.

This is not a dramatic deviation of the age old practice of educating your buyer as you help them along their path.  

Imagine for a moment that you walk into an antique shop in a small european village, the shop owner welcomes you warmly. The pride she demonstrates in her carefully curated collection of treasures fills the room. She patiently waits with anticipation until an interesting object captures your curiosity, then without having to be asked begins to share with you the story of that object, its history, its meaning. She asks you what you find captivating about the object, what it symbolizes to you, what memories it triggers. Is it a gift? Is it something you have wanted to some time? Is it a relic of a bygone era that creates waves of nostalgia? Is it a potential muse to stir your creativity? A totem to ignite a deeply buried passion of yours that needs an outlet? Or is it just something cool?  People buy for different reasons, some buy out of need, most buy out of want. Most humans make their buying decisions with emotion and justify later with logic. Money comes, money goes. We trade our money for memories. The shop owner understands this about her customers, and so should you. By sharing the story of the item, thereby enhancing the perceived value and desirability of the object, meaning is assigned to it. It takes on a life of it’s own, it’s more than wood or metal. It’s memories, past and future.

So what does this allegory mean to you and your business?


The Content is the difference maker. The object is the commodity. The Community is one that can be entered into only post purchase.  The desire to belong to this community, the community of customers of the shop owner, the extended family is strong. Commerce is a natural progression of content consumption and community interaction. 

I challenge you to think deeply about this and how it can make an impact on your business in a meaningful way.

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