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Inbound Marketing Is Necessary For eCommerce Success, Here's Why

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The future of successful marketing isn’t intrusive pop-up ads, annoying commercials, or spam emails. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. AdBlocker, DVRs, and email filters have all contributed to the steep decline in outbound marketing’s effectiveness. This is why you need an inbound marketing campaign. The biggest advantage of inbound marketing is its ability to blend in and not look like an advertisement. It’s easier than ever to ignore ads, but if people don’t know they’re being advertised to they have no reason to avoid it.

Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

An effective inbound marketing campaign works like B-2 stealth bomber; it gets the job done without being noticed. People don’t hear a B-2 when it’s flying towards them and they don’t recognize a proper inbound marketing campaign when they’re looking right at it. They both perform efficiently and in relative silence.

Inbound Marketing and Social Media

Social media accounts are a great example of the impact inbound marketing can have. People trust their friends, especially when it comes to something they’re unfamiliar with. So when someone sees a company one of their friends likes on Facebook or follows on Twitter or Instagram, they’re more inclined to check it out. They’re even more likely to try to learn about the business if they see their friend engaging in a conversation with it. Having a conversation with one person on a Facebook post makes it possible for everyone on that person’s friends list to see it. Their friends aren't going to see that if the only way to contact your company online is by email. The only person seeing that conversation is the person who wrote it and whoever they decide to share it with, which will be no one.

Don’t Rush It

Successful inbound marketing takes time, earning trust doesn't happen overnight. But it’s much easier to gain that trust when you’re engaging with people rather than force-feeding them advertisements that can be easily ignored. That said, inbound marketing does offer ways to entice people and turn them into leads rather than just visitors. For example, offering discounts for signing up for an email list creates contacts while also giving an incentive to make a purchase. Now they’re not only a customer, they’re also a lead for the future. You know what their interests are and you can market towards them accordingly. Inbound marketing creates a link between the customer and company that extends beyond the typical relationship. As such, a sense of loyalty is established which will only lead to a higher lifetime customer value.

Without a proper inbound marketing campaign you’re missing out on countless potential conversions. Much like flying a stealth bomber, inbound marketing is not a simple task. But once you know what you’re doing, blowing away your competition becomes easier. Is your inbound marketing campaign working as well as it should be? We’ll help you find out, just click the button below.

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