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How HubSpot’s New Product Launch Will Revolutionize Your Inbound Marketing

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Inbound marketing has never enjoyed such a big popularity, and it has definitely become one of the major channels of marketing now, with the potential of growing even bigger and being adopted by more and more people. So it’s only natural that we are all excited about what HubSpot has brought to the stage this time around during the 2015 Inbound Marketing Conference in Boston.


Over the years, HubSpot has revolutionized inbound marketing through their innovation. In 2012, the very first Inbound Conference launched HubSpot 3.

In 2013, with Brian Halligan (Founder & CEO of HubSpot)’s epic dance, they debuted the COS & Sidekick.

In 2014, they debuted the HubSpot CRM, which changed the game for inbound marketing. And this year, in 2015, they’ve revolutionized inbound marketing again, and here’s what they have in store for us.

New Products Released at HubSpot's Inbound 2015

Below are the major improvements on HubSpot to get you excited:

1. Leadin

Leadin has been a major help to convert your website visitors into leads by digging into their behavior and providing solutions based on persona. Previously, the awesome tool can only be applied to WordPress, but this year HubSpot has announced the Leadin integration to all websites.

This is certainly good news if you are a blogger or a small business owner who just isn’t ready to purchase any marketing software yet, or you are simply not ready for HubSpot due to budget constraints.

2. More Languages

HubSpot has announced that they’ll be supporting languages in as many as 90 countries starting this year. So get ready to reach out to every single time zone!

3. “The Easy Initiative”

HubSpot announced what they call “The Easy Initiative,” which includes a completely re-designed interface, live preview, a new dashboard, and faster list loading. This may not directly benefit you as a business owner or blogger, etc., but it will tremendously enhance the efficiency and accuracy of your agency in terms of analyzing performance, coming up with corresponding strategy, etc.

4. Website Improvements

This is a big one. And there are two major factors that’ll change the game greatly.

5. Inline editor

Previously you were only able to create and edit emails and websites within a split-screen: you edit on the left, preview on the right. And what did it give you, apart from the awesome contents and campaigns you are running? Limitations.

With the new inline editor, HubSpot is really trying to address the issues of both convenience and creativity. You’ll be able to perform actions as simple as drag and drop to create the result you want, and this allows the agency you work with to best optimize your website both in content and visuality.

6. Optimizer

Speaking of optimization, the optimizer limited in blogs and emails are now extended to all pages, which means you can optimize and drive traffic to pages individually.

What This Means to You

Before the 2015 product launch, companies that used the HubSpot Website Platform completely had seen an increase in visits by 40%, and landing page submission by 47% (HubSpot data). This was already amazing. And with new tools that will help you:

  • Easily build and deploy new websites (with a newly debuted “Staging Area”)

  • Transfer and automatically create pages in HubSpot

  • Have included SSL certificate with HubSpot website

Think about how much time you’ll save, which will in turn create new business potentials by investing the same amount of time in other areas. And these tools will be significant for the agencies that you work with in elevating their existing expertise to a higher level to create better content, focusing on strategy and create more effective campaigns.

We invite you to schedule a free consultation with us to explore further how the new products from HubSpot can help you personally.

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