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Top 10 Tech Tricks and Treats of 2013 - Shiny Webby Things #5

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Tech Thought Leadership: The Top 10 Shiny Tech Tricks and Treats of 2013

This edition of Shiny Webby Things is all about the year's best tech tricks. Below is our selection of the most interesting tech tricks and joke articles we found in the web. Some of them are obviously fake, while others could pass as real technology.

Which one of these tech treats do you wish wasn't a trick? Tell us in the comments.

1. Mobile Usability for Cats.

This article really gets at why we should be building applications for paw-specificity. Great stuff.


2. Sony gets pet-specific.

Further proof of the above, and why we need to be thinking not in fixed widths but rather in user furriness.


3.YouTube's ready to pick a winner. Finally!

4. The iWATCH is here!!

And we were actually a little disappointed by it. What do you guys think?


5. SoundCloud introduces the Drop-o-meter.

Now you can prepare yourself for the big moment in a song. Extremely cool technology in music thought leadership.


6. The new Ruby on Rails is here!

It's better. Somehow. I think. I don't know. Intercal on Interstates!!!


7. Tokkr is introduced!

For those who want to get…um, well...


8. Stack Overflow rolls out "Chat with an Expert."

Scroll down the page to get the Chat with an Expert popup. Could be very helpful! Ask a question and get instant answers.


9. Wolfram Alpha introduces Handwritten results.

Ask a question to Wolfram Alpha, and now your answers will be transcribed by a real human being! Handwritten thought leadership.


And of course...

10. Google launches Google Nose.

Now we have to start thinking responsively — for every sense.


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