Reggie Paquette Reggie Paquette on July 31, 2015 at 2:51 PM

How One Carefully Created eBook Generated Over 350 Leads



Simply put, your customers are looking for solutions to their problems.

We use free eBooks to help customers take a step towards reaching a solution to a problem they are dying to solve - well, not literally dying for, but you know what I mean.

eBooks continually prove to be one of the best ways to convert visitors into leads.

Download Youth Ministry (DYM) is an online education website for churches and pastors to get fun and educational games and activities for use in their youth ministry services.

To convert their visitors into contacts we developed... you guessed it, an eBook, titled "55 Ways to Be More Effective with Teenagers" to be their largest buyer persona's ultimate guide to solving their biggest problem - engaging teenagers effectively during their services.

We coordinated the topic, format, and length while they provided the content.

After a few revisions, we sent the content to our design team who put it all together.

Here are a few pages out of the eBook so you can get an idea of what it all looks like:

content offer 1content offer 2


Some highlights:

  • Emphasis on original design that's fun to digest
  • Major sections have unique illustrations to break up blocks of text
  • Font choice that compliments the brand that's fun and easy to read
  • Ends with a call to action to become a DYM member

The eBook has been a huge hit with their audience.

The 48-page eBook has been downloaded almost 1,300 times with a submission rate of 63% and a new contacts rate of 17%.


This eBook generated a total of 349 new leads so far and it's still growing every month.

Not only have we seen a great response from the download numbers, but DYM has also received great feedback on the eBook from their social media channels and email.

And since this content is evergreen content, DYM can continue to market it to new traffic with great success for months and even years to come.

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