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Are SEO Services a Waste of Money?

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SEO ServicesSearch Engine Optimization can be expensive—we all know it. Even so, building a website for your business that draws quality organic traffic and maximizes profits is almost impossible to achieve without paying some quality attention to SEO—which means that any business looking to make the most of their digital real estate should ask not if, but what kind of SEO efforts they want to build out for their company.

 But why?

Why are SEO Services Important?

 In the past, before the inception of Google Panda, businesses could pay an SEO specialist to get their page to rank highly—filling the content and website with links of little to no value, to dummy pages and websites that had little relevance to their content.

Today, as Google’s search algorithms have improved, legitimate strategies to maintain a online presence have taken precedence. Optimizing your website for search engines is no longer a “set it and forget it” process, rather requiring detailed research and long-term strategizing to prove effective.

As Eighty-nine percent of consumers go to search engines before making a purchasing decision online, ranking highly on search engines is important—which means you should still be doing all you can ethically do to reach those shoppers.

Cheap SEO Services – A Word to the Wise

SEO ServicesEven so, ranking on the first search results pages is a long process. When choosing a servicer to maximize your SEO, be cautious of “gurus” who claim to be able to instantly get your business to the top.

Some cheap SEO providers will pay for dummy or unrelated links to try to make your website appear more authoritative—something that worked in the past, but that Google has worked hard to stop, even going as far as to penalize websites for doing so.

While Google does value backlinks and a website’s domain authority, it can tell the difference between naturally occurring, organic links and spammy ones—which is what you’ll end up with working with providers who either don’t know what they’re doing or want to cheat you out of your money.

Be careful not to purchase a service that will ultimately penalize your website.

Investing in Quality SEO Services

Optimizing your website and blog pages, without keyword stuffing, is still good practice. However, SEO isn’t a quick fix. It takes a lot longer than many businesses are willing to wait, to implement successfully and being to receive more organic traffic.  

Because ranking on the first search results pages is a long process, be cautious of SEO gurus who claim to be able to instantly get your business to the top.

Instead, consider investing in paid search, and continuing to publish quality content that your buyers will be interested in.

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