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Uwila Warrior

Case Study

Uwila Warrior Shopify Platform and Marketing Challenges

The Challenge

Uwila Warrior is an up-and-coming luxury women’s underwear company. They reached out to EYEMAGINE to help them launch their eCommerce business, specifically by building their Shopify store and taking over their online marketing efforts.

EYEMAGINE successfully completed both tasks. Our eCommerce development team built a high-performing online store on the Shopify platform, and our marketing experts created multiple high-converting marketing workflows as a part of our ongoing, full-service engagement with the brand.


Uwila Warrior Shopify platform and marketing solutions

The Solution

Website Development

EYEMAGINE began by building a splash page for the Uwila site so that they would have a storefront placeholder from which they could begin capturing emails for their database. Our development team then built their Shopify store, including multiple customizations that would optimize user experience (UX) and efficiency.

Specifically, the store had:

  • A custom Shopify theme that would reflect the Uwila Warrior brand and have all of the functionalities that the company was looking for on their site.
  • A custom “My Account” system, optimized for user experience.
  • A custom “Shop All” page. This customization allowed us to use category banners to separate the products. That way, the saying change on the product pages as the viewer goes through different sections of the site, allowing for a better, more clear user experience.

We also made sure that the site was completely mobile responsive with hover action on the product pages. Finally, we built adopted a connector that passes all of Uwila Warrior’s customer and order information from Shopify to the HubSpot CRM.


As part of our marketing efforts, we created an effective welcome workflow and multiple influencer marketing partnerships.

Specifically, these partnerships included a campaign partnership with Invest In Girls, Inc. - from which 2% of the profits went to the nonprofit organization - and a partnership with Kirsten Zellers, an edgy, high-end millennial blogger.

Each of these strategies had measurable, above-average results. Let’s dive in.

I highly recommend EYEMAGINE. Uwila Warrior was focused on getting our product to market and needed a strong partner to manage the hard labor of building a website and integrating our systems across a multitude of systems - from Shopify to HubSpot and on to collaborating with the systems of our fulfillment provider. Through this process, EYEMAGINE has delivered on every promise. Now that the heavy lifting on our website is complete, EYEMAGINE is leveraging these assets by creating powerful content focused on lead generation and customer conversion. My account manager at EYEMAGINE is nice, creative, responsive and smart. I can't imagine trying to get Uwila off the ground without EYEMAGINE!
— Lisa Mullan, Owner of Uwila Warrior, Finance at HubSpot 
Uwila Warrior Shopify platform and marketing solutions features


Shopify Customizations

Since nearly half of online shoppers are browsing on smartphones and other mobile devices, the mobile-responsiveness and hover on mobile feature were a must in order to maintain traffic and conversions. In fact, a full 30% of mobile shoppers will abandon a transaction if the shopping experience is not optimized for mobile (MoPowered). These are customers that just can’t be lost.

Next, the Shopify-Hubspot connector effectively connects Uwila Warrior’s eCommerce and marketing departments. This increases ease-of-use and allows for better customization and shopper behavior targeting. How? It allows Uwila to have an up-to-the-minute sense of their consumers’ demographics and purchasing behavior. This information can be used to inform more personalized, highly-segmented marketing content.

For example, with this information, online business owners can pull precise purchasing information by entering the SKU. This means that, if a customer ordered a specific product in a specific color and a specific size, they can be expertly located and put into a workflow based on that purchase. This enables a quicker response time, allows for a better customer experience, and gives the marketing department a chance to give that user smart content that will move them down the buyer lifecycle process.

Looking at the big picture, the completed Uwila Warrior website performs extremely well on Website Grader, with top scores in the mobile, SEO, and security categories.

This is a huge accomplishment, and these grades highlight the fact that the site is:

  • Fully responsive, which gives it a bump in search rankings for search on mobile.
  • Scalable in many viewports and on many devices.
  • Easy for users to discover and for search bots to understand, with strong page titles, headings, and meta descriptions
  • Completely secure, with an SSL certificate protecting it against attacks and illustrating its authenticity and trustworthiness.


Automated Marketing Workflow

As soon as Uwila’s Shopify site went live, we began a welcome automated marketing workflow that introduced people to the brand. This aimed to move site visitors through the buyer’s journey by introducing them to the brand, its two different product categories - Happy Seams and Soft Silk - and its “Perfect Fit Guarantee,” which aims to build consumer trust and start the conversion process.

This workflow was extremely effective, with the first email experiencing a 49.2% open rate and an 8.9% click-through rate. This is well above the industry standards of 16.7% and 2.36%, respectively.

With open rates of 36.8% and 47.1%, and click-through rates of 7.5% and 4.6%, respectively, the second and third emails in this workflow performed just as well. This shows that we had built a strong initial contact list and that our efforts were effectively targeting the right people with the right content at the right time for Uwila Warrior.

Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Overall, influencer marketing campaigns are extremely effective in today’s online marketing landscape. People don’t want to hear from advertisers or marketers. Instead, they want real reviews, testimonials, or information from a peer or trustworthy source. Especially for this business, then, we knew that an influencer marketing component would bring us the results and success that we were looking for.

The Invest In Girls, Inc. campaign, with which 2% of Uwila Warrior sales would go toward supporting the Invest In Girls expansion, performed extremely well, with a 35.8% open rate and a 4.9% click-through rate. A large part of this has to do with our decision to focus on a partnership with a non-profit organization, something that at least three out of four of Uwila Warrior’s targeted personas were noted to identify with on a personal level during the persona development process. In addition, this was completely in line with Uwila’s brand spirit and overarching message of women empowering women.

Similarly, the Kirsten Zellers blog partnership and giveaway had a 50.88% submission rate, with 46.49% of viewers becoming new contacts This was a great success, and it showed that we hit our target market and buyer persona dead-on with this partnership. The key here was to choose an influencer that had an organic viewership: rather than using sponsorships or advertising content, Kirsten uses more of the inbound methodology, providing great content that her audience is genuinely interested in reading. This gives site visitors the sense that they are getting high-quality, useful information from a peer, instead of just being sold to. As a result, it is much more well-received. Overall, this expanded Uwila warrior’s contact list by a full 25%.

EYEMAGINE’s development and marketing efforts helped to effectively launch the Uwila Warrior site and reach her target markets. We built a high-performing online store on the Shopify platform and created multiple high-converting workflows as a part of our ongoing, full-service engagement with the brand. We look forward to future projects and continued success with the Uwila Warrior luxury underwear brand.

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