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Marketing Associate


EYEMAGINE is looking for a digital marketing associate to join our Inbound Marketing Department.  This candidate should be creative and detail oriented person, who enjoys setting goals, seeing them through to completion, loves learning new technologies and wants to be part of a fun and energetic team.  If this describes you, we are excited to hear from you! 


General Responsibilities:

  • Provide client-ready, detailed written analysis of and recommendations for improvement of client websites for SEO, Social Media, content and other aspects of inbound marketing.
  • Manage social media presence on variety of platforms to grow engagement and community on behalf of our clients.
  • Build, edit, test and launch email marketing campaigns.
  • Look for opportunities to optimize campaign performance.
  • Help develop user profiling, scoring and measurement systems that lead to more effective communication and higher conversion.


Essential Skills:

  • Coping: Able to maintain a mature problem solving attitude while dealing with interpersonal conflict, hazardous conditions, personal rejection, hostility, or time demands.
  • Tolerance of Ambiguity:  Able to withhold actions or speech in the absence of important information; deal with unresolved solutions, frequent change, delays or unexpected events.
  • Analytical Problem Solving:  Able to use a systematic approach in solving problems through analysis of problem and evaluation of alternate solutions; use logic, mathematics, or other problem solving tools in data analysis or in generating solutions.
  • Commitment to Task:  Able to start and persist with specific courses of action while exhibiting high motivation and a sense of urgency; willing to commit to long hours of work and make personal sacrifice in order to reach goals.
  • Organization & Planning:  Able to organize or schedule people or tasks; to develop realistic action plans while being sensitive to time constraints and resource availability.
  • Creativity:  Able to develop unique and novel solutions to problems; use intuition and a new way of thinking to give birth to new ideas; to present information in an attention-getting and interesting manner.



  • Bachelor's degree in marketing, communications or other related field
  • 3 years of hands-on experience with marketing automation tools.
  • 3 years of experience with CRM tools
  • HubSpot experience is preferred
  • HubSpot Academy Certifications a plus


Please apply with your resume by sending an email to hr@eyemaginetech.com indicating the position you are applying for in the subject. Thank you for your interest in EYEMAGINE.


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