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cinda b

Case Study

cinda b Case Study Responsive Web Design

The Challenge

cinda b is a fast-growing enterprise with more than 1,000 independent retail locations throughout the United States. However, before EYEMAGINE completely redesigned the company's website, a visitor would have never guessed that it was such a successful, robust company. This is because the eCommerce website was operating under an eCommerce platform that couldn't handle or support the business' online potential. As a result, the overall appearance of the site lacked the luster that the brand craved in terms of aesthetics and lifestyle design: the 800 x 600 site template projected a cookie-cutter feel that didn't accurately represent the cinda b brand.

In order to better project cinda b's style and appeal to the modern online shopper, EYEMAGINE broke boundaries and built a Magento Enterprise responsive design from the ground up to create a classy, custom eCommerce website for cinda b. This work ultimately won the IMA's Best in Class Award. 

cinda b Case Study Seamless User Experience Across All Devices

The Solution

The overall responsive design that the EYEMAGINE team created for the Magento Enterprise store breaks traditional eCommerce conventions, giving the site a modern and aesthetically appealing design.

First, EYEMAGINE included a top-down navigation that pushed the whole page down upon hover-over and a persistent footer that completely revamped the homepage. 

Our team also made the cinda b site completely mobile responsive. With mobile devices making up 55% of Internet usage - overtaking the 45% of desktop usage - it’s becoming increasingly important for online retailers to provide their customers with easy mobile shopping if they want to have a successful online presence. With this in mind, we made sure to integrate a new responsive feature to cinda b's website, giving its customers a fluid, mobile-optimized shopping experience.


The newly developed and custom designed cinda b website resulted in a visually appealing and user friendly product. Critical to the new site design was a way to showcase the company’s key differentiator: its patterns.

Features: Custom Functionality

The newly developed and custom designed cinda b website resulted in a visually appealing and user-friendly product. One important element that we had to showcase in the new site design was the company’s key differentiator: its patterns. We knew that, in order to capture the essence of cinda b, we had to visually display its patterns in an innovative, bold, and stunning way. The cinda b pattern page does just that, employing modern design techniques, long-scrolling, and a persistent side navigation bar to attractively display the different patterns.

We also updated the product page, organizing products by attributes like color, category, and price. Additionally, since cinda b is able to make products to-order in house, EYEMAGINE removed the default “out-of-stock” feature from Magento Enterprise Edition. Instead, when items are sold out, it’s overridden in the Magento backend, the order gets placed, and the bag is made-to-order.

Next, EYEMAGINE integrated Magento with the SAGE ERP, building a custom ERP integration to:

  • Update order status
  • Send orders in for inventory management
  • Create a ready-made shipping label
  • Transfer all order statuses to the Magento admin panel
  • Send the tracking number back to the customer

Before this ERP, cinda b had to manually print, add tracking, and notify the customer of their order in the Magento admin panel - one task at a time. This Magento Sage ERP integration automated and streamlined this process. Further, it provided a seamless shipping and fulfillment process that had much more efficiency than cinda b’s original manual order processing method.

Finally, the EYEMAGINE team:

  • Integrated an additional Unirgy store locator module that would help customers find their elite, premier, and regular brick-and-mortar retail stores
  • Added all social media streams such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, and other sites to the homepage
  • Added customized Magento Enterprise features - per cinda b's request - including gifting, wish lists, custom gift card templates, and full-page caching

cinda b’s new responsive website provides its customers with a fully personalized shopping experience that their previous site simply could not provide. With Founder and Chief Creative Officer Cinda Boomershine’s direction and input, EYEMAGINE was able to build a new and unique product that perfectly displays cinda b’s beautifully constructed handbags, totes, travel bags, and accessories. EYEMAGINE looks forward to maintaining a long-standing partnership with cinda b and offering support and managed eCommerce services when needed.

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cinda b Case Study Custom Functionality